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Exclusion of Arab parliamentarians from the Knesset by OMRI BOEHM PDF Print E-mail
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Written by OMRI BOEHM   
Friday, 01 April 2016 11:43

L'article a était écrit en anglais pour le journal hebdomadaire allemand Die Zeit. L'article fut publié et traduit en allemand par Michael Adrian, dans Die Zeit N° 14 du 23 mars 2016, page 42. NDLR

In Jerusalem's Knesset are also some Arab MPs. Supposedly, they deny "Israel's existence as a Jewish state". Now the government wants to take action against them. Written by OMRI BOEHM

The Israeli government intends these days a law to bring through parliament, with which it would be possible to exclude Arab parliamentarians from the Knesset. No major media coverage took place in the Western media. Apparently it might be acceptable that a government threatened or hit by terrorists accesses unconventional means to protect the country...Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced in September at the UN General Assembly, the Palestinians "felt no longer 'on the Oslo agreement" tied ". Abbas' statement proves in retrospect to be significant. "In times of universal deceit," to George Orwell once said, "is the utterance of truth calls for revolutionary action": Although everyone for years know that the Oslo process is dead...

It was no accident that the violence in the region less than a week after Abbas' wake-up call reached an extent where many thought it to a third Intifada.. In this context, US Secretary of State Kerry warned that the two-state solution will be virtually obsolete - he even spoke of "apartheid". A few weeks ago, the influential New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman stated then flush, "end of the show" ... you all have buried the two-state solution.... "A year ago, such a statement would have been unthinkable. Abbas' rejection of Oslo marked a new phase in the Arab-Israeli conflict, the moment at which the discussion of the two-state illusions began to shift to a One-State politic.

In the nineties, Oslo was not an illusion, but an actual project. One can read it, that an Israeli prime minister was assassinated for Itzchak Rabin fought not for an illusion, any more than his murderer Yigal Amir. But whether we like it or not, in the meantime Israel Amir's legacy has prevailed, not Rabin. Two years ago, warned Yuval Diskin, the former head of Israel's domestic intelligence agency Shin Bet, that the spread of the occupation, exceeds the point at which there is no turning back.. At the signing of the Oslo agreement in 1993 in the West Bank lived around 100 000 settlers and 146,000 more in occupied areas around Jerusalem. Under the guise of a supposedly sincere peace process, these figures increased to 400 000 irreversible settlers in the West Bank and 300 000 in the Jerusalem region. Although Incorrigible optimists argue often that most settlements are situated along the 1967 borders.How could we believe that in case of no changes of the border Israeli territory the goevernment shall compensate the Palestinians with other border areas?. Unfortunately, however, this optimism can't prevail with a glance at the map showing 60 000 inhabitants in the largest settlement, Ariel, in the West Bank. Slowly but surely, the idea of a Jewish state solution with creeping legitimacy would prevail. The clearest indication of this is the reputation enjoyed by the Israeli President Reuven "Ruby" Rivlin. Rivlin, a longtime political opponent Netanyahu is stylized to the last bastion of democratic humanism in Israel. The British Guardian has named him "Israel's conscience" and to a "Heroes of 2014". This is an insightful development because, unlike Netanyahu, who holds an Oslo-illusion alive today, Rivlin has never denied his rejection of a Palestinian state. He will openly advocated the annexation of the West Bank, without he ever condescended to an explanation of how this is compatible with liberal political ideas. With Rivlin the illusion of Oslo is replaced by a new convenient illusion. The "Ruby Rivlin Illusion" states that a State which has the West Bank annexed and make up to half of the Palestinians, can function as a liberal Jewish democracy. The spirit of the law is supposed to be the one "militant democracy" seinNun it went in the peace process not only to the creation of a Palestinian state. Rabin's project would have transformed the country from a Jewish to an Israeli state. To date, Arab Israelis can not be considered legitimate political subjects because the State of Israel is not Israeli, but Jewish. Note that Arab parties may be elected to the Knesset, but have never been in government.

Throughout Israel's history, there was only one, however, striking participation of Arabs in the legislative process. Rabin was not a "Jewish majority" for Oslo agreement. He won the undoubtedly most important decision in the history of the Knesset by the support of the Arab parties, that is, using an Israeli, not Jewish majority. The agreement could mark the start of the establishment of two states: a Palestinian and an Israeli. The failure of the two-state solution is more than just the sign of a tightening of the crew. It also means a deterioration of the political status of Arab-Israeli citizens in a policy that is always Jewish and undemocratic. After three Arab-Israeli Knesset members had met with families of terrorists in the last month, the Government submitted a request to change the Israeli Basic Law that is to empower the Parliament to exclude MPs that "support terrorism " or "deny Israel's existence as Jewish and democratic state ". The spirit of this legislation is supposed to be that of a "militant democracy": the closest idea in Germany that democracies can restrict the political participation of extremists when they abuse the democratic processes or undermine democracy . The extension of this principle to the protection of the Jewish character of Israel, however, is clearly illegitimate because it violates the right of representation for a state ideology - Zionism -. A legislation which protect the Jewish character of Israel , would bring the entire Arab electorate on uncertain ground.

The forthcoming Basic Law amendment prepares the legal infrastructure for the day before, on the "too many" Arabs within the official Israeli borders .Naftali Bennett, chairman of the religious Zionist settlers Party and education minister, was recently a major overhaul of the grammar textbook for civics in Assignment. The original preface began with a quote from the Declaration of Independence and discussed "the fundamentals of the system of government in the State of Israel." The new foreword is introduced by a quote from a Messianic Jewish prayer and deals with the fact that Jews glass break in their wedding ceremonies, reminds the destruction of the Jewish temple . Note that Palestinians in Jerusalem are not allowed to participate in the Knesset elections .This mention of the temple is important because of the temple complex is expected to determine Israel's future One-State politics. Since the thirties, war and peace negotiations between Arabs and Jews turned to questions of territory and sovereignty. After this discussion, however, irrelevant to the end of a genuine two-state solution, gives way to the familiar political land dispute considering the fundamentalist theological dispute over Jerusalem, more precisely the Temple Mount. The religious Zionist settlers who are in the government, aiming at the establishment of the third Jewish temple, more or less where the Al-Aqsa Mosque stands.So foolish is this plan, which could trigger a massive holy war so deadly serious.

To understand the settlers political theology, we must recall that the Jewish law does not allow Jewish sovereignty over the Holy Land before the coming of the Messiah and the rebuilding of the temple.The creation of Israel was in other words, in contrast to the Jewish religion. Religious Zionism has never denied the ban. He dissolved the opposition but by the promulgation of Zionism as athalta d'geula on: as the beginning of the rebuilding of the Temple. Haggai Segal, a terrorist of the Jewish underground responsible for bomb attacks on vehicles Palestinian mayor and the plan to blow up the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the air in prison today, is hosted in the talk show within official Israeli Parliament TV. Natan Natanson, another convicted terrorist group, acts as closest advisor of Education Minister Bennett. Zeev Hever, a third of convicted terrorist subsoil and probably the most dangerous of all, is a welcome guest in the Prime Minister's Office. The alleged sympathies Arab-Israeli Knesset for terrorism are not as pronounced as that of the Israeli government. The real threat to the democratic process in the country does not come from the Arab-Israeli parliamentarians who use democracy to undermine the state from within. It starts from a government with ties to messianic terrorists who now abused the idea of a militant democracy to exclude Arab voters.

Jerusalem is still important for another reason. Unlike the West Bank, the city was annexed almost immediately after the Six Day War, the resident Palestinians were given a status as "permanent residents", not as Israeli citizens. In particular, they cannot participate in the elections to the Knesset thus. In this sense, Israel has with Jerusalem over a long-standing One-State experience. Government officials, legislators, police and judges have abundant experience with this pilot project. If the one-state solution turn into a reality, the familiar pattern of Jerusalem can be transferred to other areas of the West Bank, and it is time that the peace camp awakens from his Oslo dreams. There will be no two-state solution, it is no longer about demarcations. It's about the one-state solution to which everything converges, democratic and Israeli, to put into effect, but not Jewish and in the spirit of apartheid, as it is done currently.

Omri Boehm: The Israeli philosopher is a professor at the New School for Social Research in New York.

Translated from English by MICHAEL Adrian

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