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Extracts from: "Grim Prospects for the Middle East in 2013" - by Patrick Seale and "Exploring the 4 Ds that will shape our future, or our collapse" by by Rami Khouri PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Patrick Seale, Rami Khouri   
Thursday, 03 January 2013 12:14


What New Year resolutions would I dare to recommend to Arab leaders?

*First, do everything possible to heal the crippling Sunni-Shi‘i rift, which gravely weakens the Arab world. An early move would be to summon a grand conference in Mecca of ulema of all sects and tendencies – and keep them there until they hammer out their differences.

*Secondly, protect what is left of Syria – and its central role in containing Israel. Stop the killing by bringing the regime and its opponents to the negotiating table, whether they like it or not. There is no military solution to the crisis. The only way to end the orgy of destruction is to impose a ceasefire on both sides, halt the delivery of funds and weapons to the regime and the rebels, isolate murderous extremists in both camps, and mobilise the United States and Russia, as well as the European Union, Egypt, Turkey and Iran, in support of a political transition. The key issue is not whether President Bashar al-Asad stays or quits. At stake is the preservation of a unitary Syrian state. This must be done to protect Syria’s unique historical heritage, its state institutions, its ancient minorities, and its vital regional role in defence of Arab independence.

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Impressions of Gaza by Noam Chomsky (recommended by mlfcham) PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Noam Chomsky   
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 14:13

November 4, 2012

Even a single night in jail is enough to give a taste of what it means to be under the total control of some external force. And it hardly takes more than a day in Gaza to begin to appreciate what it must be like to try to survive in the world’s largest open-air prison, where a million and a half people, in the most densely populated area of the world, are constantly subject to random and often savage terror and arbitrary punishment, with no purpose other than to humiliate and degrade, and with the further goal of ensuring that Palestinian hopes for a decent future will be crushed and that the overwhelming global support for a diplomatic settlement that will grant these rights will be nullified.

The intensity of this commitment on the part of the Israeli political leadership has been dramatically illustrated just in the past few days, as they warn that they will “go crazy” if Palestinian rights are given limited recognition at the UN. That is not a new departure. The threat to “go crazy” (“nishtagea”) is deeply rooted, back to the Labor governments of the 1950s, along with the related “Samson Complex”: we will bring down the Temple walls if crossed. It was an idle threat then; not today.
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The Egypt protests : part 3 - chapter 1 (FR): Au Caire, le place Tahrir retrouve ses couleurs révolutionnaires (7 déc.2012) PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Pierre Barbancey - L'humanité   
Friday, 07 December 2012 15:03

 le 30 Novembre 2012

Le Caire (Egypte), envoyé spécial. Des dizaines de milliers de personnes ont protesté ce vendredi contre les décisions autoritaires du président Morsi et des Frères musulmans. Le leader de gauche, Hamdeen Sabbahi, a annoncé sous les applaudissements que « l’Egypte ne s’inclinera pas devant la volonté de quelques uns ». Les islamistes appellent à un rassemblement samedi 1er déc. 2012.

La place Tahrir, au centre du Caire, a retrouvé ses couleurs révolutionnaires ! Des dizaines de milliers de personnes se sont retrouvées ce vendredi, jour de repos, pour manifester leur colère devant le coup de force dictatorial et constitutionnel du président Mohammed Morsi et des Frères musulmans. La Confrérie était d’ailleurs interdite de séjour sur la place, comme le proclame, depuis plusieurs jours maintenant, une large banderole. L’atmosphère est populaire est combattive. Des groupes chantent, accompagnés de tambourins. D’autres lancent des slogans, semblables à ceux de janvier 2011. Seule différence, le « Va-t-en », crié à des milliers de voix ne s’adresse plus à Moubarak, débarqué du pouvoir le 11 février 2011, mais au Frère musulman Morsi, à qui ils promettent le même sort !

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Allez-vous couper nos mains par Alaa Al-Aswany (art. en arabe) PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Alaa Al-Aswany   
Thursday, 22 November 2012 14:53

قـبـل أن تـقـطـعـوا أيـديـنـا


mardi 20 novembre 2012 , par

علاء الاسواني

علاء الاسواني
.. »هل أنت مسلم؟ ! » اذا كنت مسلماً لماذا تعارض

تطبيق شرع الله؟
« إن من يرفضون تطبيق الشريعة « ليبراليون »

وشيوعيون، عملاء الغرب وأعداء
الإسلام فهل أنت منهم؟ هذه هي

الأسئلة التي يتوجه بها
« الإخوان » والسلفيون الى الناس (خصوصاً

البسطاء منهم) لكي يؤثروا في عواطفهم الدينية
ليحشدوهم في

مظاهرات ويدفعوهم الى اتخاذ المواقف التي تحقق المكاسب

لجماعات الإسلام السياسي.. والحق أن هذه الطريقة في مناقشة

الشريعة غير أمينة، اذ أن أي مسلم قطعاً يحب أن يطبق شريعة

الإسلام. لكن
يجب أولاً أن نشرح للناس الفرق بين الشريعة والفقه.

الشريعة هي المبادئ
الثابتة التي أنزلها الله علينا. الفقه هو العلم الذي

يمكننا من فهم
الشريعة وتطبيقها على حياتنا اليومية.

 Cliquez-ici pour télécharger le document pdf
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Written by   
Tuesday, 20 November 2012 15:20

“Have you not thought”

(a poem by Sameeha

Elwan on numbers)

Have you not thought

While writing down statistics

While raising the number of victims

While reporting an explosion

Whose sound has not your ears pierced

your stomach hurt, the inner bones

to which you’ve not jumped once

or twice, and shouted for life

before you realize

it is still not you

Have not you thought

that maybe i’m not a figure

not a number

not a statistic

to add to your record of experience

to add to ur lecture on human rights

to address your audience of intellect

~Sameeha Elwan

for Rama Al Chandi

(intro + poem from

Akram Habeeb)

(from our IUG colleague Akram Habeeb: one more heartbreaking story among far far too many…).

It is terrible when you lose sense of time. In Gaza we started not recognize the days of the week or even the boundaries between day and night. All what we see and recognize are the terrible scenes of devastation caused by the Israeli attacks on Gaza, the ribbed bodies of killed children. Today  I was devastated when I saw the dead body of the one year and a half – baby, Ram

a Al Chandi. Rama was killed by an Israeli attack on an old, already destroyed governmental prison called Al Sarayaa. Rama, who was dressed in red pullover was killed while she was sleeping in her purple room. When you drop a 1MT ton bomb on a place adjacent to residential places, you verily know that the neighboring houses will be destroyed and people will be k

illed. This is what is happening in Gaza. The Israelis are targeting deserted and previously destroyed buildings and the results are very devastating; more victims are added to the death toll of the real holocaust the Palestinian people in Gaza are exposed to. When I saw doctors cuffing the hand of Rama, I understood that Rama was no more among us. However, I imagined Rama assuming Lazarus figure and questioning president Obama about the gift he sent for her. Here it goes:

It was dark when I had suddenly seen

What, later, I knew the Phantom F 16

I smiled for the lovely gift,
It might be a doll?Uncle Sam finds for me fit.

A swing,

for me to push and pull?

It roared down as a hell

I never heard of or smell.

First, I thought it July 4th

When fireworks are sent forth,

It might be then my birthday,

Ah, but it is not yet Good Friday

Tell me Uncle Sam what I have seen

Is it a doll or the hideous F 16?

(adaptation of an image from Picasso's Guernica)

To Uncle Jacob you gave for free

To end my Lovely and Rosy Reverie.

CBC coverage – hardly

reaches the level of

the absurd.

A the end of the bloodiest day in Gaza. More than 30 people have been murdered in the past 24 hours or so, and many many more injured.

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