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Followers and Disciples of Peace by M.H. PDF Print E-mail
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Written by M.H   
Sunday, 14 October 2012 09:19

A famous quote encounters me almost everyday in too many places saying:" you have enemies? Good, that means you stood up for something in your life".
As far as the quote states, I feel it's pretty true and straight to the fact that most of us (Humans) today are enemies to each others claiming we are standing for something. Specially in places like the great lost Middle East. No one even bothers to wonder or ask the most important question: WHY?

Away from all conspiracy theories and religious never ending conflicts now a days, I would simply refer to the fact that almost every middle eastern soul is raised to hate, criticize and most of all blame. Yes the blaming idiom that would keep an argument running for the next 100 years or more. And unfortunately enough we (Middle Easterns) forget to blame our selves for whatever is happening to us is caused by our own hands.

Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine (Israel) and all the other amazing beautiful places in this area, strangely enough suffer from ignorance, lack of understanding and many more other none-sense diseases created and nurtured by some few people whom their aim is only to split the region into tiny pieces to serve a big evil plan of bloodshed and chaos.
Sadly enough the plan is running just perfect, no one is awake or wants to awake, that this reality will only lead to more destruction on all sides. Syria may never see peace, Lebanon will follow the steps of Syria for they are sisters, Iraq was the great epidemic that breaks the heart of an ignorant drunk, Egypt will suffer till the end of her days for sure. And what can I state about the beautiful Tunisia? The educated nice kind-hearted people of Tunisia, the amazing artists that I know there who are being followed by religious new tides and threatened to be murdered all the time, Palestine (Israel) as many of you may not know it's Palestine, that holy land in my eyes is slaughtered everyday for politics, religion and madness.

I'm asked constantly by too many friends of mine in all those countries I mentioned above, What do you think will next happen to us? all of them as young as I am and older, just wondering, where are we going?
All I can say is, get ready for World War 3, The final episode for humanity. We are a few people in this region, calling out for peace. But if each side of the story is afraid to lay down their weapons, how can there ever be peace?. Thing long madness has been running for ages, Followers of a certain party claiming they have the right to defend themselves against any threat, causing mass graves in the process. And Disciples of beliefs trying to enter the battle against the Followers relying too much on peaceful ideas and concepts that may never see light.
The Commons are the last part of this big conflict, the ones who follow no side of the two, and are struggling every day to breath at night and comfort their souls that tomorrow is a new day, and we shall witness peace.

Peace, my friends, will only be achieved if we can only stand up for a moment, wake up for a flashy second, and think that we may fight each other for eternity and claim we are holders of the only truth, or we can lay down our swords and stop pointing fingers in each others faces and say "You started this up, so I'm revenging."

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