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Written by Amin ELSALEH   
Thursday, 01 September 2016 13:24
Dear Maha


Who, who can never read in your word the dimension of the disaster we Syrians (still on the ground, refugees or expats, or Syrian with double passports like me or Amin) are living, have never touched any alphabet... who cannot see your legitimate bitterness must be blind... you have all what take to claim a normal live that disappeared since long years now... you lost a lot but not never your embedded clear-sightedness, and you certainly have a lot of it.... your righting reveals that... reveals a sharp intelligence that no one with open eyes can miss, or misinterpret


Emphasizing on the word "embedded" calls upon you is to put it back on foot again... not for the fun of it, but because in your crossing of the tunnel we all in, you need it, just as me, rather desperately


Maha, should what happen in Syria be people killing each other haphazardly I would also exactly as gray as you are... yes they are killing each other but not haphazardly... many black hand are playing behind the scene to bring Syria down the ground... you know that and the question your clear-sightedness should and must put forward is : why Should the fall of the regime bring our lives back to minimum of dignity I would be the first to call it on every "mosque minaret" but what if it would lead to lot worse, as your embedded clear-sightedness would answer should you give it the right to answer Like you or even more I'm hurting but my recipe to make my day to day live livable is to be certain -dead certain - that the best shortest safest cleverest (and I can write endless word with est at the end) way to our salvage is to understand that this imported killing is imposed on you, me, and millions of Syrian and we have no other option than to push it away


This is my recipe and I can never pretend that that it'll work, simply because it did not even for me... at least it is placebo , and this is better than nothing A placebo of love and respect




De : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Envoyé : mardi 30 août 2016 11:33 Objet : Une réponse d'une jeune réfugiée syrienne


Dear amo amin,


Its always amazing to read from you, i havent had the chance to write you back often because im occupied with alot of things here in germany regarding my papers as a refugee...


Unfortunately what i woud like to say is that half of the syrian population is currently divided ino the follwoing: Refugees with no future,more than 500.000 dead, detained and imprissoned, soldiers (pawns) for both sides, and old helpless and hopless people like my parents...


So please tell me who are the syrian intellects or even youth that have any role to be demanded in the current situation???? Do you really think that after what we had to endure down there, we have any will to do anything anymore about this filthy trade called War??? Do you know even that the people who support their homeland nationalism and fake glory are applying on a daily basis to the canadian and american church missionary to run away from syria!!!! I argue about my christian friends, my durzi best friends, my ownself as i dont acknowledge any religion anymore... Please tell me if you were there now, do you think your voice will ever matter? We've seen it all and unfortunately we had to run.


Bottom line: the folks are relocated, the homeland is gone with the wind... The great powers are doing a great job in the demographic exchange, but where do you stand upon this mess as a former syrian? I really hate to say this, but at the moment syria is an occupied country by many other countries... Its a mass grave and a memory, until better times which are vaguely unreachable... Greetings to your family


Much love And respect Maha


From: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Sent: Friday, August 26, 2016 12:48:07 PM Subject: Dislocation of Northern Syria


Dear ALL,


No need to show in the attached map who is controlling Northern Syrian territory, you may follow all triggers at, the last one is Turkey sends tanks into Syria, the process of Syria dislocation was predicted in the Stochastic model, which updating is daily done in the article's "Abstract" , the article by itself is advanced enough to be daily updated, that's why modeling is quite efficient not only to predict the future but also to influence the current situation by bringing political and humanitarian triggers which are inexistent. This should be the role of arab and syrian intellectuals.


 Stochastic Model and Worldwide Conflict Resolution: Using "Big Data" concept to Predict the World's Next Atrocity - Case of Syria and Ukrainia


In probability theory, a purely stochastic system is one whose state is non-deterministic (i.e., "random") so that the subsequent state of the system is determined probabilistically. Any system or process that must be analyzed using.."


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