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Homage to the youth PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Khairat Al-Saleh   
Wednesday, 16 February 2011 15:53

A great poet once said that in dreams starts reality. The youth of Egypt did dream, a dream  of freedom , a mighty dream of liberation which now has spread to the rest of the Arab world and the world at large. In Egypt  a revolution of hope permeated with the sweet breath of youth rode like the sun , calling for the reinstatement of the great values that humanity has laboured for over the past millennia. The revolution of the youth of Egypt is like no other revolution witnessed by the modern world. I have thought that only poets, artists and writers can sing that great song of the dawn emerging after the long long night, but lo and behold the young people of Egypt, they who have not lived long enough,  suddenly burst upon an unsuspecting world with ideals, visions and intimations long stored in the subconscious of humanity. They who have not attained wisdom yet have taught us all what wisdom is really all about. We never thought in our wildest dreams that the masses would respond to that kind of a dream, to that kind of amazing  message , yet they did and in so doing discovered their humanity.  Out of their ashes rose the Egyptian people to shake the Arab world, ushering in the irreversible winds of change. The beleaguered starving humiliated despised people of Egypt uttered a great cry that has shattered the edifice of unjust blind power to smithereens. The wheel has turned full circle.  They who were almost dead are awake. They who were forgotten are now in the minds and hearts of all those who worship freedom and justice.


If the military in Egypt do really love Egypt they ought to realize that what the youth and the people of Egypt have achieved is a lasting glory for their country, almost unequalled throughout the long history of their country.  The millions have written an epic of great resonance whose emblems are liberty, tolerance, nonviolence and justice. What the military are witnessing is a rebirth of their great nation which they should guard with their souls and lives as a rare and priceless renaissance wrought by the awakening will of the Egyptians. This is a thing to die for gladly because it is the dream of dreams. Let love win the day, the love for Misr which the idealism of the youth of Egypt has made a reality. Can any army in the world be prouder of the young of a nation who has turned a nightmare into a universal dream?  Let them be and let Egypt be.


My dream is that for once the big powers of the world will forget their interests and participate in the song that Egypt is singing.

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