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The Spring of Egypt and Chants PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Khairat Al-Saleh   
Monday, 21 February 2011 10:43


The Spring of Egypt 

As an artist and a writer, I cannot help but see the rise of the Egyptian morning star in terms not only of the real and the factual but also that of the metaphorical. It is as if this star whose bright rays are the young people of Egypt is rising on twin worlds:  our world and a parallel world of the imagination. For very long and painful eons nothing has appealed to the imagination of the Arab people as the revolution in Egypt has done.   In the approaching spring of the year, the youth of Egypt also in their spring, rose in love, love of their country Misr and love of the freedom their people were denied for years out of count.  In the words of an Arab song, like roses blooming in the fields, they rose in beauty, the beauty of their ethos and the beauty of their young souls to claim their inheritance and the dissipated inheritance of the Arab people. They who were dead are now raised.  They who were laid in their graves of humiliation, oppression, torture, hunger and spiritual starvation and debasement,  despised and patronized, are now breathing the sweet  air of a new nascent morning.

It is in the nature of the creative mind to condense time and see it as one. It is also in its nature to store the meaning, the significance and  the essence of all events  keeping them forever young and radiant regardless of the outcome, regardless of possible defeats, regardless of the fallibility and failings of us mere mortals, regardless of the arrogance of the great powers who still think that they have a monopoly on  the universal values and principles, as interpreted by them, and who still think that they can steer all events in the light of their own supremacy, profiteering codes of conduct and hegemony.  I tell you that immortal songs shall be written about the revolution in Egypt and the rest of the Arab world. New epics shall be reborn whose heroes are the nameless people and the shy humble youths so oblivious of personal glory, who led it.  History will record and judge the outcome harshly or sympathetically, but what no history can record is the more universal judgment of song, poem and epic.

Artists and writers of the world, please note that in Egypt a new crowned and sceptred golden pharaoh is unearthed, the people.

Khairat Al-Saleh



 It seems to me that the chants for freedom starting with the immortal words,  the people want..., repeated by millions have become the daily bread of the  Arab world. They listen to this chant needing it, hungry for it, breathing its sweet perfumes, even regulating their lives by it and drinking every syllable as if it were the elixir of life.  This chant has become like the umbilical cord which nourishes and sustains the unborn in the womb. They are collectively connected to these life giving rhymes as if they were their lives support, not daring to stop invoking the vision of freedom lest the dream is dispelled.

Khairat Al-Saleh



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